Inleather is a limited liability company duly incorprated as InSole Leather (Private) Limited in compliance with  the  requirements of security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. It started it's operations in February 2020 with the mission to provide quality and comfort to the national and international community.

Our mission is to serve community by providing quality and comfortable products . Our vision is to expand our operations out of the border to be equally servant of all countries and Nationals.

Insole  having it's registeed office at 23-C Dreams Gardens Phase I , Defense road  and main warehouse at  47-C Dream gardens defense road Lahore; is dealing with  it's customers, vendors,supplers, and other stakeholders from 11 : 00 am to 11: 00 pm.

It's achievements in a short period of time as under:

- Thousands of satisfied customers

- 85k Facebook followers

- 50 k Instagram followers

- Own production unit

- Less than 1 percent complaints

- Encouraging feedback from customers 

- Turnover in millions

- Have team of professionals and experts.









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